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AbuShaheer: Your IP is not stable, if your IP changes the site will log you out. Use VPN if you need a stable IP
Marcus: AbuShaheer, To perform this operation, need to authorization on site2024-03-13 10:22:01 thanks for help
AbuShaheer: Marcus, what's the error?
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Marcus: Hey I’m having trouble buying on spot trade it don’t let me buy thanks if u can help
AbuShaheer: We're thrilled to introduce a special discount offer tailored just for you based on your Pakcoin holdings. Starting from a minimum available balance of 1000 Pakcoin in your account, you'll be eligible for a fantastic discount of 10%! But wait, it gets even better – as your Pakcoin balance increases, so does your discount, with a maximum discount of a whopping 90% when your Pakcoin balance reaches 10,000 PAK or more. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity
LPPAKUSDT10000: Yes, doge will be listed if there are more voters and votes. Right now AUR has top voter and votes
patchfree67: Is there any chance for Listing DOGE?
patchfree67: hi
AbuShaheer: Watch this to understand youtu.be/M7Pj7ZYEEUM?si=yaoPevZvLhVj-x1z
Pyrrhura: how does the p2p trading work?
AbuShaheer: if you face any errors, or mistakes, kindly report to our telegram channel for timely resolution.
AbuShaheer: Our telegram : t.me/mubadilofficial
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GTX1024: AbuShaheer, yes
AbuShaheer: GTX1024, there?
AbuShaheer: GTX1024, there?
GTX1024: AbuShaheer, ok
AbuShaheer: working
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GTX1024: hello :)
AbuShaheer: hi
GTX1024: hi
GTX1024: hello
Referral program

Dear users, to optimize the profitability of attracting referrals, we have crafted an advanced three-tier referral program featuring generous referral rates. For additional details, please refer to the table below.

Service type reward from
referrals of the 1st level
reward from
referrals of the 2nd level
reward from
referrals of the 3rd level
Staking on orders
( deductions from staking on orders )
12% 9% 6%
Earning on surfing
( deductions from ad viewing )
12% 9% 6%
Advertising in surfing
( deductions from ad placement )
1.2% 0.9% 0.6%
Referral trading
( deductions from referral sales )
1.2% 0.9% 0.6%
Burning leftovers
( deductions from compensation )
1.2% 0.9% 0.6%
Spot trading
( deductions from trading turnover )
0.0012% 0.0009% 0.0006%

There are no restrictions on the potential earnings from the referral program. You can attract an unrestricted number of referrals, ensuring you consistently receive full referral deductions for all operations covered by the referral program.

Participation in the referral program is open to everyone.

You can get a referral link to attract referrals in the Referrals section.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Good luck attracting referrals!

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