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Marcus: Hey I’m having trouble buying on spot trade it don’t let me buy thanks if u can help
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LPPAKUSDT10000: Yes, doge will be listed if there are more voters and votes. Right now AUR has top voter and votes
patchfree67: Is there any chance for Listing DOGE?
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AbuShaheer: Watch this to understand youtu.be/M7Pj7ZYEEUM?si=yaoPevZvLhVj-x1z
Pyrrhura: how does the p2p trading work?
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User Agreement

Key definitions and terms used in this document:

  • Agreement is the current user agreement.
  • Administration – administration of the Mubadil platform.
  • Platform - Mubadil platform.
  • User – an individual, a registered user of the Platforms.
  • Developer – administration, developer, owner, creator of Coins.
  • Coin – a coin on its own blockchain or a token on the blockchain of another coin.
  • Software means software.

This document provides Agreement describing the use of the Platform by User.

Before using the Platform, the User must carefully read the Agreement, accept the Agreement and comply with the terms of the Agreement.

The User, by using the Platform automatically agrees to this Agreement. If the User does not agree with this Agreement, he must not use the Platform.

The Agreement can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Administration. When the Agreement is updated, the new Agreement will take effect immediately upon posting. The User shall independently monitor changes to the Agreement only on the site “mubadil.com”.

Terms of use of the Platform:

  • The User is prohibited from using the Platform if he/she is under 18 years of age.
  • The User is prohibited from using the Platform to carry out illegal activities.
  • The User is prohibited from using the Platform if the laws of his/her country of residence prohibit the use of the Platform .
  • The
  • User by using the Platform confirms that it assumes all risks and losses associated with the use Platforms.
  • The User, by using the Platform, confirms that he understands and accepts the Agreement.

Risk Warning, Warranty and Liability Disclaimer:

  • Administration does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of Platform services.
  • Administration is not responsible for obtaining personal information about User by third parties in case of hacking account User or hack Platform.
  • Administration is not responsible for third parties receiving User funds in case of hacking account >User or hacking the Platform.
  • Administration is not responsible for any damage caused to User while using Coins listed in the Platform.
  • Administration is not responsible for any damage caused to User while using Platforms.

But still, Administration makes every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the Platform, as well as to ensure maximum security Platforms.

Archiving, rearchiving and deleting accounts:

Accounts that do not have any activity over the past 90 days, as well as no referrals, and no open orders on the exchange, are automatically archived. Please note that archived accounts with 3 years of archiving experience will be charged Inactivity Fee.

To re-archive your account, simply log in to your account.

Archived accounts that have been archived for more than 5 years are automatically deleted, provided that there are no funds on such accounts.

Sanctions against multi-accounts:

It is strictly forbidden to use multiple accounts on the Mubadil platform (that is, it is forbidden to use several accounts by one user). 1 user has the right to use only 1 account.

Sanctions will be imposed on identified multi-accounts, in the form of restricting access to all platform services, except for: canceling orders on the exchange, canceling advertisements and withdrawing funds.

That is, owners of multi-accounts will be able to withdraw all funds from their multi-accounts, but at the same time, they will no longer be able to use the platform.

Multi-account holders have the right to apply for the removal of sanctions on one of their accounts for further use, through Ticket Service. But at the same time, you can exercise this right ONLY ONCE.

Blocking accounts:

  • Administration reserves the right to temporarily block the User account if the account is suspected of being hacked or in case of suspected violation of the rules use the Platform. In the event of an account suspension, the User should contact support for further investigation.
  • Administration reserves the right to permanently block the account of User if attempts to attack are detected Platform.

Communication rules on the platform:

  • Insults, impolite or disrespectful communication, obscenities, etc. are prohibited
  • Defamation (accusations without evidence) is prohibited.
  • Posting of 18+ content is prohibited.
  • Spam, advertising, distribution of referral links is prohibited.

The rules of communication on the platform apply to communication on the forum, chat and PM. For violation of the above rules, sanctions may be applied to the offending user in the form of a temporary restriction of the ability to communicate on the platform.

Rules for advertising on the platform:

  • It is forbidden to advertise sites containing elements of violence, aggression, racism, etc.
  • It is forbidden to advertise sites with 18+ content.
  • It is forbidden to advertise malicious sites with viruses, trojans, exploits, etc.

The rules for placing advertisements on the platform apply to the placement of advertisements and the placement of banners.

Rules for attracting referrals to the platform:

  • It is forbidden to attract referrals by misleading, providing false information about the platform.
  • It is forbidden to attract referrals using spam.

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