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LPPAKUSDT10000: Yes, doge will be listed if there are more voters and votes. Right now AUR has top voter and votes
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Delisting Policy

Key Definitions and Terms used in this document:

  • Policy – the current delisting policy.
  • Administration – the administration of the Mubadil platform.
  • Platform - the Mubadil platform.
  • User – an individual registered user of the Platform.
  • Developer – the administration, developer, owner, creator of the Coin.
  • Coin – a coin on its own blockchain or a token on another coin's blockchain.
  • Software – software.

This document presents the Policy describing the relationship between the Administration and the Developer.

By adding a Coin to the Platform, the Developer automatically agrees to this Policy. If the Developer does not agree with this Policy, they should not add the Coin to the Platform.

The Policy may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Administration. When the Policy is updated, the new Policy takes effect immediately upon publication. The Developer must independently track changes in the Policy only on the "Mubadil.com" website.

The Developer undertakes to promptly notify the Administration of the following events:

  • when there is no access to the official website/explorer
  • when conducting forks, swaps, and other various updates
  • when there is an attack on the blockchain or issues with the Software

If the Developer fails to promptly notify the Administration of the above events, the Administration reserves the right to delist the Coin.

In the case of a swap, the Administration reserves the right to delist the Coin at its discretion.

The Coin is subject to delisting in the following cases:

  • when there is suspicion of unethical or fraudulent activity by the Developer
  • when the Developer abandons the Coin
  • when there is a violation of copyright by the Developer
  • when there is unstable operation of the blockchain or Software for an extended period
  • when the Developer refuses to compensate Coins lost by Users due to attacks on the blockchain or issues with the Software

In the case of delisting, a period of up to 30 days is set to allow Users to withdraw Coins from the Platform or sell Coins through available trading pairs on the exchange.

In the case of delisting, the listing fee is not refunded to the Developer.

Coins that were added to the listing for free may be delisted at any time at the discretion of the Administration.

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